For Tuesday, Feb 17

Step 1: Magazine Concepts and Naming

Ideate a concept, industry/theme and name for your magazine. Please do some research, and perhaps stop by a bookstore to generate ideas for a magazine you would have fun producing! Make sure your magazine concepts aren’t too general. Having concepts with more than one consumer touchpoint will make it easier to design to a target audience. For example, a “gardening” magazine might be too vague, but “urban gardens” or “texas gardener” offer multiple points. Remember that you will be creating an interactive version of this magazine as well, so content that lends itself to user interactivity could be beneficial.

Come prepared to class with written concepts of at least three different directions you might like to go in. Bring visuals and examples as needed to explain. I will hold individual meetings to discuss the viability of your directions and approve one to move forward with.

Also for next class: familiarize yourself with the project description posted earlier, and check out the resources page to find helpful readings and examples that will acclimate you to this project. In particular, I would like you to read the following article: From Print to iPad: Designing a Reading Experience


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