Project Timeline for Sec 02

This is a rough project schedule. Deadlines may be revised as needed. Please follow the blog posts for information about your deadlines for each class period. 

Tuesday, Feb 19

Introduction of Project
 Magazine Concepts and Naming Ideas
Individual meetings on magazine concept.

Thursday, Feb 21

Due: Strategy board with competitors, positioning matrix and target audience
Due: Content selection from competitor magazines
Due: inspiration boards and thumbnails of cover image ideas

Tuesday, Feb 26

Due: cover hierarchy explorations with rough image placement and mast head roughs
Due: print layout thumbnails

Thursday, Feb 28

Due: revised covers
Due: rough print layouts, at least 3 directions for article and one other feature

Tuesday, March 5

Due: revised print layouts
Due: app navigation map
Due: app wireframes

Thursday, March 7

Due: rough app mockup of 3 screens

Tuesday, March 12

Due: final print covers and spreads
 usability test results

Thursday, March 14

Due: revisions to app screen layouts
Due: thumbnails of final presentation layouts

Tuesday, March 19
Thursday, March 21
NO CLASS: Spring Break (woohoo)

Tuesday, March 26

Due: final presentations, including process and final files


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