The people have spoken!

We will NOT hold class tomorrow night.
– – –
Instead, you will get extra credit if you attend the Design Week kickoff event. That means that you also have a mandatory virtual crit deadline, meaning you need to upload files into the dropbox folder by the end of tomorrow night. This is a requirement of not having class. Here’s what is due for tomorrow’s deadline. Please make sure all of the following is in one multipage PDF:
1. Your Masthead logotype exploration
2. Three full-size covers with revised masthead direction (or multiple masthead versions if you are still deciding), article names and features on cover using typographic hierarchy (the feature article name should get top billing, and use hierarchy to list at least two other articles plus another type of feature info), and rough FPO images (or sketches of your image placed behind.
3. Grid Thumbnails for inside print spread layouts.
– – –
Also, you can bring any prints or sketches you like to the event and I can give you feedback there. 
– – –
Tickets for the event are $10 if you buy in advance online (advance means anytime before the event starts), and $15 at the door. There will be an exhibit of gig posters designed and pressed by internationally known artists, including KC’s own Hammerpress and Tad Carpenter. Posters will also be on sale. Then, there is a special screening of film about gig poster design, followed by a Q&A with the director. THEN, there is live music by local modern-folk-rock band “She’s a Keeper.”
– – –
Buy your tickets here:
– – –

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