Project Timeline for Section 01

This is a rough project schedule. Deadlines may be revised as needed. Please follow the blog posts for information about your deadlines for each class period. 

Tuesday, April 2

Introduction of Project
 Magazine Concepts and Naming Ideas
Individual meetings on magazine concept.

Thursday, April 4

Due: Strategy board with competitors, positioning matrix and target audience
Due: Content selection from competitor magazines
In Class: work on inspiration boards and thumbnails of cover image ideas

Tuesday, April 9

Due: cover hierarchy explorations with rough image placement and mast head roughs
Due: print layout thumbnails

Thursday, April 11

Due: revised covers
Due: rough print layouts, at least 3 directions for article and one other feature

Tuesday, April 16

Due: revised print layouts
Due: app navigation map
Due: app wireframes

Thursday, April 18

Due: rough app mockup of 3 screens

Tuesday, April 23

Due: final print covers and spreads
 usability test results

Thursday, April 25

Due: revisions to app screen layouts
Due: thumbnails of final presentation layouts

Tuesday, March 30

Due: final presentations, including process and final files

– – – – –


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