Step 4: Revised Covers and Rough Spreads

Due Thursday, April 11. Crit at Class Start. 

4.1 Revised Covers

Having chosen a direction for your masthead and typographic hierarchy, revise and rollout into your three covers. Each cover should include a common masthead and outline the “contents” of the magazine. Use typographic hierarchy to communicate one feature article, two other  secondary articles, and one other type of feature content. You should also have comps of your images placed on the covers. Final size of covers should be 8.5×11, portrait. Therefore, you will be presenting three 8.5×11 covers.

4.2 Rough Print Layouts

Using a consistent standard grid from your thumbnails, first develop master page templates in InDesign by placing guidelines, rectangle frames for images, and text boxes for text. Secondly, place rough images and content into your templates, creating at least one primary intro article spread, one secondary content-heavy article spread, and one other type of feature content such as a recipe, infographic, top-ten list, etc. Final size of each spread should be two 8.5×11 facing pages, which equals one 11×17 page. Therefore, you will be presenting three 11×17 spreads.

Note 1: Don’t forget to only place images that are CMYK and of a dpi of at least 150 dpi effective dpi (not actual).

Note 2: Please place your body copy for your article into Textedit program and covert to raw text before placing into InDesign. This will assure any previous formatting will be removed. Also, please use linked text boxes in your layout, so when body copy is placed it will flow through all text boxes.

At Start of Class on Thursday: be prepared to present your three revised covers and three rough spread layouts in a full class critique. All should be printed out and trimmed to size (if your designs are full bleed). Covers in full color. Rough layouts can be in B&W. No mounting required. 


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